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                                                                            An Easy-To-Maintain,

                                                                            Easy-To-Love Garden
                                                                        Just Keeps Getting Easier!

                                                  Easy                  To    Please™

                                                         cv. WEKfawibyblu   •  PPAF   •  Floribunda
          Plant Habit:          Medium-tall                         Description:
          Growth Habit:         Upright                             We were wondering how to improve the award-
          Stem Length:          Medium-long                         winning Easy-To-Love  Collection – the best true
          Foliage Color:        Glossy medium green                 rose collection containing fully petaled varieties with
          Disease Resistance:  Very good                            very good disease resistance. Well, it’s quite simple!
          Flower Color:         Fuchsia pink with lighter reverse   We’ve added a missing color to the collection! With
          Bud Form:             Pointed & ovoid                     the pink flowering variety Easy To Please  This
          Flower Form:          Decorative & double                 pink Floribunda will please everyone. Want more
                                                                    bang for your bloom? With Easy To Please  not
          Flower Size:          Medium, around 2½-3 inch            only are you getting a high performing rose in
                                diameter, medium sized clusters     multiple climates, but you are also getting a
          Petal Count:          20 to 30                            multitude of classic spiraled flowers on a bush for
          Fragrance:            Moderate clove with                 which the disease resistance surpasses many Land-
                                hints of cinnamon                   scape Shrubs. What else are we missing to make this
          Petal Count:          About 25                            rose a crowd pleaser? Nothing! The moderate clove
          Parentage:            (Seedling x Wild Blue Yonder)       fragrance completes this SUPER flowerful, upright
                                x Blue For You                      and vigorous plant to near perfection!
          Hybridizer:           Christian Bédard—2017
          Introducer:           Weeks Roses
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