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2017 Introductions 2017 Introductions  2017 Introductions 2017 Introductions                                                                                                                                           Grandifloras Grandifloras  Grandifloras  Grandifloras   Hybrid Teas  Hybrid Teas   Hybrid Teas  Hybrid Teas   Floribundas   Floribundas   Floribundas   Floribun

                     VIOLET’S                                                 EDITH’S

                         PRIDE              TM                             DARLING                     TM

                      cv. WEKwibysicpep • PPAF            NEW                  cv. WEKaltjuchi • PPAF

                         — floribunda rose —              for 2017             — small shrub rose —
           Lady Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham,       Edith’s Darling™ is a fitting tribute to Lady Edith
           was particularly proud of her garden and gardener’s   Crawley and her beloved daughter, Marigold. The
           success at producing fine roses for the local Best   joy Edith finds in her daughter is what you will feel
           in Show Contest. Violet’s Pride™ is worthy of        when you’re growing this true old-fashioned soft
           winning any contest on her own merit and would       apricot-gold gem of a flower.
           certainly put a smile on the Dowager’s face.
                                                                Although diminutive in size, with a short, compact
           Exquisite spiraled and fully double lavender         bushy habit, rest assured that Edith’s Darling™ is
           blooms with a magenta heart on the inner petals      perfect to fill a container or a confined spot in the
           and a strong grapefruit and spice fragrance will        garden with a great flowering show of
                            command the attention of               fragrant full-sized blooms.
                               everyone in her presence.

                                        See pages 56-57                        See page 68

                                        Weeks Roses is proud to offer our series of
                                       garden roses inspired by the iconic characters
                                       of the Primetime Emmy™ and Golden Globe™
                                                             award-winning British television
                                                                 series Downton Abbey.

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