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             World’s Finest Roses Come From?
                 That’s Easy - Weeks Roses!

        Research & Development
        Weeks Roses’ Research Department is dedicated to developing the best
        attributes in all types of roses and breeding some of the world’s finest
        award winners. The research facility, licensing office and display/test
        gardens is located on the campus of Cal Poly in Pomona, California. Each
        year, about 40,000 to 45,000 flowers are hand-pollinated to produce
        around 250,000 seeds. Private trials are conducted in California, New
        York, Ohio, Tennessee and Washington. In these locations, the seedlings
        are thoroughly observed for disease resistance, floriferousness, cold
        hardiness, flower form and novelty of color. Based on Christian’s observa-
        tions, the final selections are methodically and carefully chosen. After a
        thorough 8 to 10 year evaluation period, only 4-5 varieties emerge from
        the group as truly superior and market-worthy.

        Meet Our Research Director
        Research Director Christian Bédard grew up in
        Quebec City, Canada, where gardening was
        introduced to him at an early age by his parents
        and grandparents. Christian’s interest in garden-
        ing continued to grow and he began his
        professional career working in garden centers
        as a teenager. After completing his masters at
        the University of Montréal, Christian joined Weeks
        Roses in 2000 and is credited with the creation
        of many rose varieties.                Christian Bédard
        Ever Thought of Naming Your Own Rose?
        Our National Flower, the Rose, is the perfect way to honor a special
        person or occasion. Each year the Weeks Roses hybridizing program pro-
        duces many hybrids that are available for purchase and naming. For more
        information contact: Christian Bédard at

        Wasco, CA
        Production, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing,
        Shipping & Administration
        Our state-of-the art processing, refrigeration and distribution center is
        located at our growing grounds in Wasco, California, in the middle of the
        San Joaquin Valley. Weeks has over 1,200 acres of production facilities
        in the same area as many of the other major rose producers. Wasco has
        a good deep loamy soil, plentiful clean well water and a natural climate
        that fits commercial rose production particularly well. In Wasco we can
        produce strong healthy bushes that ship easily and adapt well to most
        any climate in the United States.
        Beginning in early December and ending about mid-February, Weeks
        Roses ships over four million bareroot roses throughout the United
        States. Immediately following harvest, our roses are carefully graded and
        packed in strong boxes, then shipped in temperature-controlled trucks,
        where applicable, either directly to our customers or to various strategi-
        cally located cold storage warehouses and made available to our nursery
        and garden center customers when they are ready in their particular area.

        Today, Weeks Roses is part of the Gardens Alive! family of horticultual

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