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Truly the perfect cherry, Carmine Jewel  has   Hybrid Teas  Hybrid Teas   Hybrid Teas  Hybrid Teas                      Climbers   Climbers

                                                                       Carmine Jewel™                                                                  Floribundas  Floribundas   Floribundas  Floribundas

                                                                           large, gorgeous purplish-red fruit with a luscious                                                                                                  Rugosas & Foetidas  Rugosas & Foetidas
                                                                           balance of high sugars and a complement of acids,
                                                                           creating a rich avor. Fruit has high esh-to-pit
                                                                           ratio and is excellent for use in pies, preserves,
                                                                           juice, dried fruit and eating fresh. This variety has
                                                                           a dark red esh packed with healthy anthocyanin,
                                                                           a powerful antioxidant. The pigment means your
                                                                           pies will have a deep red lling.

                                                                             Fruit:   Purplish-red
                                                                             Yield:   15+ lbs. by year 4, 20-30 lbs. by year 5
                                                                             Uses:   Fruit production, ornamental
                                                                             Zone:   2b

                                                                           Romeo  was selected for better market fruit
                                                                           quality and increased sweetness – BRIX 16%. This
                                                                           handsome cherry boasts the high gloss, deep
                                                                           crimson fruit that does not split and a small round
                                                                           pit with high esh-to-pit ratio. The lovely large
                                                                           ower petals, glossy green foliage and colorful
                                                                           fruit make Romeo  a perfect candidate for an
                                                                           ornamental planting and as a landscape plant, too.
                                                                             Fruit:    Deep crimson
                                                                             Yield:   Up to 30 pounds per plant
                                                                             Uses:   Canning, baking, fresh eating, drying,
                                                                                    wine, juice, ornamental plantings
                                                                             Zone:   2b–6, Hardy to -45º F


                                                                           The best for u-pick and eating fresh! With average
                                                                           sugars at 20-brix and notable lower acidity makes
        •  Naturally dwarfed ornamental                                    these dark red cherries the absolute best for fresh
        •  Naturally dwarfed ornamental
          size - 6½ ft. tall x 6 ft. wide                                   eating. With its full-sized fruits, weighing an
          size - 6½ ft. tall x 6 ft. wide
                                                                           average of 5 grams, and dwarf habit, the newly
        •   Extreme cold-hardiness                                         introduced Juliet  is also an ideal choice for
        •   Extreme cold-hardiness
        • Self-pollinating                                                 u-pick operations. The fruits have large pits that
        • Self-pollinating
        • Own-root                                                          are still easily removed with crank and mechanical
        • Own-root
                                                                           pitting. These cherries are signicantly easier to
        •  Tasty full-sized fruit                                          maintain manage and harvest than conventional
        •  Tasty full-sized fruit
        •  Abundant lovely large white or                                  cherry trees. Extremely cold hardy.
        •  Abundant lovely large white or
          pink flowers                                                       Fruit:   Dark red
          pink flowers
        •  Glossy green foliage                                              Yield:  Heavy
        •  Glossy green foliage
                                                                                    Fresh eating and processing
        •  Perfect for ornamental use or                                     Zone:  2b
        •  Perfect for ornamental use or
          fruit production
          fruit production
        •  From the University of Saskatchewan                                 For more information call:
        •  From the University of Saskatchewan
                                                                                For more information call:
          in Canada                                                       800-992-4409
          in Canada
     4       800-992-4409
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