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                  All My Loving™

                  Day Breaker™

                                              Hybridizer Spotlight

                                                A third generation nurseryman, Gareth Fryer’s earliest memories of family
                                                discussions revolved around the day to day topics of his grandfather’s nursery.
                  Sunset Celebration™           The business, Fryer’s Roses, founded in 1912, is located near Knutsford in the
                                                heart of Cheshire in the United Kingdom. During the 1950s and 1960s, the
                                                nursery dabbled in hybridizing and introduced a handful of new roses. This part
                                                of the business intrigued Gareth, so when he joined the company in 1966 he
                                                began a serious rose breeding program.

                                                Gareth was fortunate to find success from the start and has introduced over
                                                150 new varieties and has amassed a collection of awards from all over the
                                                World. Weeks Roses has had the honor of introducing some of his finest
                       Stats                    creations including his AARS winning Hybrid Tea Sunset Celebration  in
        Name:        Gareth Fryer               1998, Floribunda Daybreaker  in 2004 and we are proud to offer his
        Company:  Fryer’s Roses                 lovely new Hybrid Tea, All My Loving  for 2017.
        Location:    Knutsford, Cheshire Co.
        Country:     United Kingdom
     6      800-992-4409
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