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                                                                               Trailing &

                                                                               Spreading                                 Happy Trails ™  - True Groundcover Roses

                      Rainbow Happy Trails™                       Sunshine Happy Trails™
     Photo Caption
                               cv. WEKsurdicla • PPAF                    cv. WEKsusacooc • Pat.#27,864
                 Do you believe there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?   “Some trails are happy ones. It’s the way you ride the trail that
                 If not, you will become a believer admiring a garden adorned   counts.” Apply this cowboy logic from the memorable country song
                 with Rainbow Happy™ Trails groundcover roses. The gold   and follow the path lined with this remarkable groundcover rose.
                 shimmers vibrantly as it is blushed with rich pink on the   Sunshine Happy Trails  is an excellent groundcover rose with
                 petals’ edges. Not a one hit blooming wonder, as this power-   spreading and trailing characteristics that make it a perfect happy
                 house blooms non-stop throughout the season. A true ground   ending for any landscape. The mesmerizing yellow-gold owers hold
                 cover, Rainbow Happy Trails™ remains fairly prostrate and   their color until the end of their cycle and the repeat bloom follows
                 produces branches low and spreading on the ground.  in abundance as well.
                 Color:     Yellow-gold with dark pink to light red blush  Color:    Medium yellow to buttery gold
                 Height/Habit:Low/Trailing & spreading       Height/Habit: Low/Trailing & spreading
                 Bloom/Size:  Double, decorative & cuppy/Medium-small,   Stem Length:  Medium-long
                            around 2-2½“, in medium-sized clusters   Bloom/Size:   Semi-double /Medium-small, 3”in diameter,

                                                                       in medium-sized clusters (15 to 20 petals)
                            (20 to 30 petals)                Fragrance:    Moderate fruity
                 Fragrance:   Mild tea & fruity              Hybridizer:   Christian Bédard—2016
                 Hybridizer:   Tom Carruth—2016              Parentage:    Sun Runner x [City of
                 Parentage:   Sun Runner x Dick Clark                  San Francisco
                                                                       x (Neon Cowboy
                                                                       x Flower Carpet)]                       
                       rEWARD                    :

                          yOUR gARDEN

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