Betty Boop...
Weeks is pleased to share the spotlight with some of the most beloved icons in American history. These individuals come from all walks of life, journeys in the arts, entertainment, sports, and altruistic activities that touch the heart of our culture.

The 2015 Red Carpet season features the dynamic talents of Neil Diamond and Doris Day. Not just any “Cracklin’ Rosie,” we classify the Neil Diamond rose as a novelty because of its striped blossom of pink and white.This tall, very upright hybrid tea literally takes your breath away with a fragrance of intense rose essence. America’s Sweetheart, Doris Day, shares the spotlight with a pure yellow gold rose in tribute to her altruism through the Doris Day Animal League and quintessential ideal as a role model. A floribunda with unsurpassed blooming power, this old-fashioned blossom form also carries a fruity and sweet spice perfume.

Weeks’ cover rose for 2014 honors Coretta Scott King. Her noble persona as wife, mother, musician, educator, social activist, and philanthropist remains a role model for generations to come. This unique grandiflora features elegant long buds of cream that frost with blushes of coral-orange to pink as they spiral to open. A great garden or landscape rose, this disease resistant beauty stops traffic.

Rockin’ and rollin’ 2011 cover guy Dick Clark not only painted the music industry with his colorful personality and enthusiasm, but the rose bearing his name was given the “two thumbs-up” as an AARS winner. This chameleon-style grandiflora changes color hue as it swirls from bud to bloom. Black-red buds spiral open to a display of cream edged in vibrant cherry pink. This extremely popular rose “wows!” your gardenscape.

Oprah Winfrey was personally involved in the rose evaluation process of her selection of the Legends rose. So named because Winfrey identified her legends as “women who have been meaningful to so many (of us) over the years, are legends who have been magnificent in their pioneering and advancing of African-American women.” The rose plant itself is very strong and powerful featuring pie-plate sized deep red blossoms unabashedly covering the foliage. Legends was first offered for public sale in the spring of 2009.

A Special Rose, A Defining Moment

Then, there are roses that not only represent an icon, but become a defining moment for the company and our industry as well. Prior to her passing, Julia Child selected an exceptional rose to bear her name. She was particularly fond of the butter gold color and the sweet licorice fragrance, but there was more to the recipe. The beauty of this rose with the old-fashioned blooms and perfect upright habit was the secret in the sauce -- The rose proved to be a standard setter raising the bar on genetic disease resistance in roses. Julia Child, 2006 AARS winner, is a superstar and a right and fitting tribute to honor a dear friend and a role model for several generations.

In 2004 when it came to finding a rose to honor master glass artisan, Dale Chihuly, it had to exhibit impeccable style and a prismatic array of colors. This wonderful floribunda fills the bill. Dazzling in the light, the petals emit subtly striped apricot yellow hues to brilliant oranges and deep reds creating a remarkable display against a deep green foliage background. Chihuly® personifies the artist.

Romance, mystery, glamour, bittersweet -- our poignant American film legend Marilyn Monroe deserved the perfect hybrid tea. Introduced in 2003, the blossom form is reminiscent of a 1950s single rose prom corsage. The extraordinarily feminine apricot cream color and shapely perfect form of the large, long lasting blossoms make this rose appear larger and more perfect than life.

An avid rose enthusiast, Barbra Streisand (2001) was actively involved in the choice of her rose. The most important characteristic was to be fragrance. And, this hybrid tea delivers a strong rose and citrus perfume that will fill the summer garden or the any indoor space with wall to wall aroma. Richly lavender and perfect form, Barbra Streisand continues to be an immensely popular crowd pleaser.

The 1990s saw the introductions of George Burns (1998) and Chris Evert (1997). George Burns falls quite appropriately into the novelty category. Ruffled blossoms sport brush-stroke stripes of deep red with yellow to cream and rose to pink colors as canvas. A wonderfully fragrant rose that is still as popular as the day it was introduced. Chris Evert, the rose, is another star with staying power as it is still in commerce today.

Although no longer in general production, the Bing Crosby (1981) rose had a long run on the Weeks marquee. The blazing orange hybrid tea still brightens gardens after 25+ years on the landscape entertainment circuit.

Weeks Roses’ cast of stars represents a unique and colorful comment on our national horticultural history. The roses mentioned in this article as well as the hundreds of other Weeks’ roses may be found in public gardens and commercial landscape plantings worldwide. From landscape shrubs to the collectible exhibition varieties, Weeks Roses keeps the limelight focused on breeding roses, not only for beauty and fragrance, but for disease resistance and landscape use.