Best Roses for Cutting

Red Rose Oh My!

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About Face (Gold/Orange)
Always and Forever (Medium red)
Barbra Streisand (Lavender blend)
Bella' Roma (Yellow blend)
Bewitched (Medium pink)
Brandy (Apricot)
Bride's Dream (Light pink)
Colorific (Salmon blend)
Coretta Scott King (Orange blend)
Dick Clark (Red blend)
Dream Come True (Yellow blend)
Elizabeth Taylor (Pink blend)
Falling In Love (Pink blend)
Fragrant Plum (Lavender blend)
Full Sail (White)
Gemini (Pink blend)
Gold Medal (Gold blend)
Good as Gold (Yellow blend)
Happy Go Lucky (Medium yellow)
Heart O'Gold (Yellow blend)
Home And Family (White)
Honor (White)
Just Joey (Apricot)
Koko Loko (Russet/Lavender)
Lasting Love (Red blend)
Legends (Medium red)
Let Freedom Ring (Medium red)
Love (Red/White)
Love And Peace (Yellow blend)
Love Song (Lavender)
Marilyn Monroe (Apricot)
Mellow Yellow (Deep yellow)
Melody Parfumee (Plum)
Memorial Day (Medium pink)
Midas Touch (Deep yellow)
Mister Lincoln (Medium red)
Moonstone (White blend)
Neptune (Lavender blend)
New Zealand (Light pink)
Octoberfest (Orange blend)
Oh My! (Bright red)
Olympiad (Bright red)
Opening Night (Bright red)
Over the Moon (Apricot)
Paradise (Lavender blend)
Perfect Moment (Yellow blend)
Pink Promise (White blend)
Pope John Paul II (White)
Princesse de Monaco (Pink blend)
Queen Elizabeth (Medium Pink)
Radiant Perfume (Deep yellow)
Rock & Roll (Red/White)
Royal Amethyst (Lavender blend)
St. Patrick (Yellow blend)
Secret (Pink blend)
Sedona (Coral blend)
Sparkle & Shine (Deep yellow)
Stainless Steel (Lavender blend)
Sugar Moon (White)
Summer Love (Medium yellow)
Sunset Celebration (Apricot)
Sunstruck (Orange blend)
Tahitian Sunset (Yellow blend)
Tiffany (Pink blend)
Touch of Class (Coral blend)
Veterans' Honor (Medium red)
White Licorice (Yellow-white)