Tree Roses
Topsy Turvy tree roses
Have you ever thought about adding a second story onto your rose garden? With Weeks tree roses you can have more showy, fragrant blossoms without adding space to your yard. Weeks tree roses are available in heights of 36” and 24”. A selection of miniature roses on 18” trunks add an additional option for gardeners with small spaces to fill.

18” Miniature - Miniature Trees are produced by budding our popular miniatures onto an 18” trunk.

24” Patio - Patio Trees use Floribunda varieties budded onto a 24” trunk. 24” Patio and 18” Miniature Trees can fulfill your need for formal landscape accents in smaller spaces. Create special colorful containers by surrounding the trunk with flowering annuals.

36” Standard - Standard Trees are husky two-year-old plants grown on a sturdy 36” rootstock with four grafts for bigger balanced tops. We offer a broad selection of popular varieties, unusual weeping types and new introductions. Try our 36" Two-fer® Tree Roses and double your gardening fun!