Cupid's Kisses™

Have you ever wondered how Cupid spreads love around the world? It’s quite easy when he can stand on top of this new Mini Climber to shoot his arrows! With a shorter and more compact habit than full size Climbers, Cupid’s Kisses is just the right height to bring enjoyment to more confined areas of the landscape. Cupid’s Kisses’ flowers have a distinctive ‘pink lipstick’ that shows on the white petal base color. The pink coloration does not go deep in the flower leaving a ‘white eye’ effect. With the prolific number of flowers produced in medium sized clusters by this little climbing machine, the pink and white combo presents quite a show way until late in the fall! Quick to establish itself and clothed with nice mini size proportionate foliage, it’s guaranteed that Cupid will spread his love in your garden.

Rose Name:

Cupid’s Kisses™



Patent #:



Patio Climber

Flower Color:

Cerise pink with a large white eye


Moderate fruity

Bud Form:

Pointed & ovoid

Flower Form:

Decorative & informal

Flower Size:

Small, around 1½-2 inch diameter, in medium sized cluster

Petal Count:

20 to 25

Stem Length:


Plant Habit:

Medium for a Climber, long canes of about 8 feet

Growth Habit:

Climbing & spreading

Foliage Color:

Glossy medium green

Disease Resistance:

Very good


Christian Bedard


Tropical Twist x (Rosy Outlook x Pretty Lady)

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