Gentle Giant™

BIG monstrous buds & blossoms of rich pink (not too gaudy nor too pale) have an inner glow of golden yellow. SUPER broad round petals lend a classical flower form, slowly spiraling open from pin-point centers to full plentiful pulchritude. LARGE luxurious leaves of unusual light green color dress the bushy plant, perfectly complimenting the radiant pink blooms. LONG stems are perfect for bouquets…but it won’t take many of these big beauties to fill a vase. Largest size in cooler conditions.

Gentle Giant™ Hybrid Tea Rose

Rose Name:

Gentle Giant™



Patent #:



Hybrid Tea

Flower Color:

Rich cerise pink with golden yellow at the petal base


Moderate fruity

Bud Form:

Large, pointed & ovoid

Flower Form:

Classical Hybrid Tea, double & spiraled

Flower Size:

Very large, often more than 5" diameter

Petal Count:

25 to 30 big round beauties

Stem Length:


Plant Habit:

Medium-tall height

Growth Habit:

Upright to slightly spreading, bushy

Foliage Color:

Bright light green

Disease Resistance:

Very good


Tom Carruth—2007


Rina Hugo x (seedling x O Sole Mio)

Introduced By:

Weeks Roses
Weeks Roses Introduction