Top of the World™

You don’t have to climb Mount Everest to feel the joy of reaching the highest summit. You can stay at home and grow Top of the World with its long-lasting radiating orange & yellow bicolor flowers. With perfect buds and shapely clusters, this Mini Climber will elevate your garden atmosphere. Not too invasive like other full-sized Climbers, this vigorous variety has the perfect balance of mini flowers and smaller foliage combined with a shorter mature habit that makes it suitable for smaller garden spaces. Just because it’s a mini, doesn’t mean there isn’t a full flower show! This ‘baby’ will continuously cover itself with blooms from spring to fall right from the first season.

Rose Name:

Top of the World™



Patent #:



Climbing Miniature

Flower Color:

Dark orange with creamy yellow reverse


Moderate tea to slightly fruity

Bud Form:

Pointed & shapely

Flower Form:

Elegant & classically formed

Flower Size:

Medium-small, around 2½-3 inch diameter, in small clusters

Petal Count:

20 to 25

Stem Length:


Plant Habit:

Medium for a Climber, long canes of 8 to 10 feet

Growth Habit:

Climbing & spreading

Foliage Color:

Crisp glossy medium green

Disease Resistance:



Christian Bédard—2015


(Work of Art x Goldmarie) x Rosy Outlook

Introduced By:

Weeks Roses—2015
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